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Internet Error Codes and Meaning

Sometime you are browsing the internet and trying to open any website, your e-mail and any FTP sites, you see different error codes there.
You should be familiar with these error codes.
You can solve these problems if you are well-known with the meaning of error codes.

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Error Codes Meaning

  • Error 400 This is bad request error: First check you may be typing wrong URL name and server could not understand your request. 
  • Error 401 You are trying to open any unauthorized access site or page: Check your username and password if you are trying to open any webpage. 

  • Error 402 Payment Required

  • Error 403 You are trying to open any forbidden page and you are blocked by that domain. 

  • Error 404 Here you are trying to open the webpage that was removed or re-named, also check the URL spelling. 

  • Error 408 This is time out error. you should send the request with in time that the server set for you.

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